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Mushihime is real!

Thanks Cave. Thanks Taito. Thanks Play Asia. Thanks Mark.

"Hi Mark,

thank you for contacting

We have received the information right from Sony's official distributor
yesterday late evening. We did not want to wait so posted it right up. We
are very sure that the information is correct and expect the game to be
announced by Taito shortly.

In case you have subscribed to our personal agent or checked our July
preorder listings, you may have recognized that we have started listing a
lot of new preorders yesterday night.

For your further information, Mushihimesama already has a Sony catalogue
number (which is SLPM-66056). The game will be a DVD release supporting
1-2 players with a Japanese recommended price tag of Y5,800.

In case of any further question please do not hesitate to contact us

Best regards,"

mail lunardei