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Mushihimesama Insanity DVD is in my hands.

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Awesome item. Really, is lovely. A4 format for the 'case' and for the book, that is pretty much the same stuff as Ketsui's one. But hey, the DVD is the important thing. The OST is the usual with some new arranged tracks, and seems pretty good. But the DVD, ah. It' fantastic. Sure better than expected.

Clover-YMN is a beast, a robot, simply perfect. 68,5 mil with autofire hack. Great to see how YMN use C+ on the bosses.

Ah, this run show us a new world. He use formation from mid boss 2 to the end of stage 3, he do the scorpion in a fantastic way, all the third stage is superb, and finally he change type (to S) from the end of the 4th stage to the mid-boss 5 (with a suicide). We were thinking that only W and trace were good for maniac... Btw, the score is a bit over the billion mark, wich is better than expected. Default fire, GREAT.

Very well, there's some TGA-RET magic here, out of the world! The rest is a tutorial for maniac, not bad.

Ultra is for my late night pleasure.
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  • At 02:11, Blogger bist said…

    MA CHE OHHHHHHHHH!! Rasenta l'hentai.

  • At 02:12, Blogger Lunardei said…

    Belseno Lepez. Btw, Mushihimesama is love.


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