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The homepage of AST-LUN, italian STG and Street Fighter player.



My default fire ULTRA run (200 mil) is up on YouTube:
+ Part 1
+ Part 2
+ Part 3
Arcade Extreme's YouTube channel is now filled with vids: 97, thanks to BR1 and Jck. Click here or die trying. Shame on me for not playing anymore :o

Third Striking: I'm working on some replays saved in Venice between october and november, featuring me (Chun, Q), Powerfuran (Ken, Ryu), Gui (Ryu, Ken, Sean), Costa (Gouki) and Kotaro (Hugo). Mid-low level stuff, yeah, we know, but some matches are indeed cool for some reason. See you in a few days. Well, it depends on a stupid DVD actually. Do what you're supposed to do, stupid piece of crap!

Shmupsmeet: tomorrow we'll meet Prometheus in Milan at Nev's place. It will be an interesting weekend with some usual friends, EXG (first time at a Milan meet!) and our guest. We'll enjoy mostly the latest works from Cave (no DeathSmiles though) and... Yeah... a bit of Third Strike, no less. Hope to record something about the meet!
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