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[ウルトラ] 286,871,807

286,871,807 – AST-LUN-CPF – stage 5 – ULTRA alternate (PS2)
I kind of risked a heart attack on this run. I died like 30/40 seconds before the 5th boss, and that's great. Run RECORDED.
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  • At 17:23, Anonymous toby said…

    How much did you score on stage 5 in the run? I practiced some last night, and I got a 200k counter from the midboss two times, and that was with dying. I manual tapped until I died on his last pattern of his first phase, and after I died a positioned myself almost on top of him and used C+, and slowly moved down. Anyway, I'll have to try some more, but 200k+ counter doesn't seem impossible.

  • At 17:48, Blogger Lunardei said…

    About 60 mil. I've got a counter of 100K, dying of course. I can't picture how to get 200K, so this time it's your turn to help me :D
    Is manual tapping (which frequency?) really important? I mean, you die so your main counter is going to reset anyway. Or am I missing something? I'll try again. Anyway, this stuff is indeed HARD. I was surprised yesterday when all went so good. You know, you need a life, the second form of the mid-boss is hellish and so on ~_~

  • At 22:30, Anonymous toby said…

    Manual tapping is needed, I think A+12-13 is way too slow for the midboss. I tap about twice as fast as do the scorpion on default, so quite fast.
    Your main counter is reset, but the child counters are really high, somewhere over 1000, so the counter-banking raises your counter to a good level again really quickly. I'll try to make a video of it sometime.
    I managed to time it perfectly one time ( just out of luck, wasn't planning on it ) so the 1st phase of the boss died when the bushes started shooting. So it cleared the screen, and the boss left directly after and didn't shoot out anything ( or very little at least ) from it's second phase. But I think this is only possible when dying a couple of times on the boss, if you survive the whole time (which won't happen to me for a long time ;)) I think you do too much damage for that to happen. I have to try more to be certain though.

  • At 23:31, Blogger Lunardei said…

    I mean, you reach around 1000 on laser counters even if you hold A. But tapping makes sense if you're planning to stay alive, which is possible but it's a real-total-bloody-fuckin'-pain! Anyway, probably worth a try.
    Avoiding the second form would be perfect, but I agree it takes two deaths (and you don't want to waste too much there) or slow tapping, which is not good.
    I think TGA-RET is using his A+4, probably.


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