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[ウルトラ] 304,859,532

304,859,532 - AST-LUN-CPF - stage 5 - PS2
+ end of the run VIDEO

Either a great and a bad run. A lot of mistakes as usual, but managed to no miss/no bomb the 4th stage from the beginning to the boss! The fifth mid-boss went down with a counter around 100K, but I bombed a small time after getting it.
BR1 will take care of a video of the entire run, so stay tuned!

Hey, let's add that this humble score is dedicated to the japanese visitors of the latest days SIN and TGA-RET!
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  • At 10:27, Anonymous toby said…

    Big congrats! I guess I'll have to go for first to 400mil then ;) How consistent are you nowadays? Are you reaching 5th stage often? I'm still waay to inconsistent on stage 3.

    So TGA-RET is lurking here? cool 8)

  • At 11:01, Blogger Lunardei said…

    Thanks! 400 mil is a great target. You need to pull togheter a near-perfect run, and in this game it's damn hard. But anyway, I'll be there :P
    I don't feel myself done with this game because I still find my everyday fun, even from practice.
    I'm pretty consistent if I focus myself, yes, I can reach stage 5 everyday. My main problem now is (well, stage 3 is always a problem of course, lol)... The scorpion! What a ballbreaker sometimes...

    About TGA: Kotaro (who is a japanese student) managed to keep in touch with him and start a friendly chat. TGA visited this blog once, enough to make me cry for joy, LOL!


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