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[ウルトラ] Default: new western record

Uhm, I was having some default practice for the London meet...

ULTRA default
200,424,141 - AST-LUN-CPF - stage 5 - PS2

Here's the end of the run:

Yes, I was DAMN NEAR. After the fifth mid-boss I realized that I had 3 lifes in stock, and from that moment on I've wasted way more than necessary. Woha, no problem.
The only problem is that I've recorded the run but I cannot extract properly a file (a VOB IIRC) from the dvd. So I have the entire run on two files, but one is incomplete. Some bits of stage 5 are gone, including the midboss but luckily not the beginning/ending.
Anyway, I'll give the dvd to BR1 and hope for a miracle!
The worst case scenario is an incomplete video, but you'll be able to watch the 97% of the run anyway.

My god, on the dvd there is a fuckin' FURROW 0_oShocked

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