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[ウルトラ] Stage 3 update

I'm not playing so much these days but I still keep my hands ready. Today I've got 217 mil in stage 3 ONLY, which is indeed a good performance (better than TGA-RET on the DVD if i remember correctly). It's still possible to do better, but it's one of the most difficult things I can imagine in a videogame, lol. No vid, unfortunately. Next time I'd like to do something similar in a run, but I won't blame myself if I fail for the next 5000 years...
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  • At 18:23, Anonymous toby said…

    crazy stuff, you almost beat my total score there ;)

    I've tried a few times to get that 80 counter, but haven't reached more than 65k (going to the 'worm' part with about the same counter as you, 40-45k), guess it's a matter of timing as usual. 12 or 13 A+ shouldn't make that much of a difference I think. Need to start playing this more ...


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