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[29/03/2008] AEX Festival 2008

Organize this event wasn't easy, but the result was just perfect. Thanks to the AEX crew (in particular to the co-organizer Jck) and all the players (probably the best in Italy). See you next time!

2nd AEX Cup: Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike (1 vs. 1)
[1] LEVA (Ryu Moggi) - Milano
[2] Fugo (Urien) - Firenze
[3] Fran (Necro) - Milano
[4] Mitsu (Oro) - Treviso
[5] Coden (Dudley)
[5] Sean (Sean)
[7] Angel666 (Ken)
[7] Sherlock (Yang)
[9] alexArandom (Elena)
[9] LUN (Chun Li)
[9] Pino (Gouki)
[9] Rushing Monkey (Gouki)
[13] EXG (Dudley)
[13] Jck (Urien)
[13] Lux (Hugo)
[13] Sasha (Ken)
[nq] Acoz (Yun)
[nq] BR1 (Gouki)
[nq] Cannibal (Urien)
[nq] DIX (Hugo)
[nq] Koala (Yang)
[nq] Neverland (Makoto)
[nq] Togo (Q)
[nq] Tony Mozzarella (Dudley)
[nq] Valmaniac (Ken)

Full results (see above plus 3rd Strike Teamplay / Soul Calibur 3 / Shmups freeplay) here:

All the videos from the event here:

Official thread on our forum:

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