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Fighting Stick

Oh well, I've had two weeks of weird problems with my 2 custom sticks, to the point that I wasn't able to play anymore. MKL luckily helped me by fixing (once and forever, judging by his absolutely outstanding work) one of them and here's the result:

It's Sanwa (stick) + Seimitsu (buttons). Quite unusual, I know, but I find it perfect for 3rd Strike. For some reason I'm better at kara-throw with Chun with this kind of buttons, and the stick is just perfect as it is. For shmups, or STGs if you like it more, my ideal setup would be the opposite. Just like the one in the cabs for 3rd Strike at Tougeki, as far as I know. So one day or another I'll get that one, but for the moment I'm damn fine. Thanks MKL!