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MELT BANANA @ Unwound (Padova) - 27.05.08

I was amazed when I discovered that Melt Banana were going to play in Padova, an hour and a half far from my place. So I had no excuse not to go, and I did...

The show was absolutely great. I was in the first line all the time, one mt. far from Onuki-sama, and I had to fight a lot for this place. They played of course a lot of stuff from Bambi's Dilemma (if not the entire album, sorry, I've lost track of all the songs they played!) and Cell-Shape, unfortunately skipping Shield for your eyes, damn I badly wanted them to start the show with that one... Doesn't matter, everything was fine enough, and it's priceless to see Agata-san performing that stuff in front of you!

What about the guys? Rika-sama and Agata-san both seem so serious on the stage that when you talk to them it's kind of a surprise to see that they're actually very kind and smile-ready. Rika is absolutely cute too, as expected...
Onuki-sama instead seems crazy all the time. Really, she's got crazy eyes. I did't get her sign 'cause she disappeared pretty quickly in the backstage but... See you next time!

Oh, funny note: Yasuko talked in "italian" a lot, and at the end of the how they decided to listen to the crowd and play Tintarella di luna. Unluckily they clearly didn't remember how to play it, and the thing ended up with random noise and the singer lovely screaming the words. You could say, a fantastic failure! The (new?) drummer was particularly stunned from the situation, lol.

Serious note: if you have footage/pic of the show please mail me. Thanks!


  • At 21:13, Anonymous Cannibal said…

    Troppo forti i Melt Banana! Ho perso un loro live a Roma e ancora rosico. Spero di recuperare.

  • At 23:25, Blogger Davide said…

    28/5 Roma, Circolo degli Artisti

    Scendevano proprio oggi, per poi tornare su a Torino!

  • At 19:37, Anonymous Cannibal said…

    Anche l'altra volta era al Circolo degli Artisti. Ma i tipi di quel locale non risposero MAI alle mie email di info.
    Io a Roma ci sarĂ² sabato quindi nulla.

  • At 20:31, Blogger Davide said…

    Allora saccheggia Youtube, dal vivo meritano veramente!


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