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[SFIV] Italian official OFFLINE tournament

Capcom is having a series of national tournaments in Europe in order to send the winners to the EU official championship. The only problem is that 30 spots out of 32 of every national tourney are given via ONLINE qualifiers (Championship mode, pretty much farming until level G1 or something), xbox360 only.
But, and here comes the news, I'm kinda proud to announce that Arcade-Extreme will be selecting 2 wild cards that will be able to enter the italian Capcom tournament without having to qualify online!

Here are the details about the incoming offline qualifier:

Milan, June the 6th 2009 @ Casa dei Giochi (via Sant'Uguzzone 8)


Last but not least... We're having a 3rd Strike 2on2 after that. It's gonna be sweet.

Thanks so much to: GGM, Halifax, Capcom.