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The homepage of AST-LUN, italian STG and Street Fighter player.


AST is coming...

AIVA Shooting Team.
Work in progress, stay tuned!

For the moment check A.I.V.A.

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My scores on mushi

Uah, I'm too lazy to update my Cave, so look here:
The name is AIVA LUN. Why? Eheh...
Anyway, the 50 mil on original is a great score, I'm really happy about it. But now I'm fixed on Maniac...

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Esp Galuda 2

It's a fuckin' dream.
--> Official site

Bad charadesign? Mmmm... I want to see more.

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NP: Mushihimesama

The Now Playing Tag will be moved soon to Mushi. Oh yeah. I've 300 mil on the stupid Arrange Mode and a stupid 8,9 mil ALL clear in the original mode. I'm workin' on it, so don't worry!

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Uh, a shmup's review?

Terribile ritardo nel segnalare questa mia review di Mushihimesama, amabilmente ospitata da TFP. Ecco il link.Uh, dimenticavo: italian only!

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Another Esp Galuda Western Record...

60.237.030 by Raiden Fighters 2 (DGN). Simply amazing.

The run is recorded so I think it can be soon available at Arcade-Extreme. Or maybe in an italian galuda appreciate DVD? Great question. This will be seriously discussed soon...

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Galuda's western record is a war not yet ended...

Ok, It's time to restart. Some news from the italian galuda players:

56.740.630 | Raiden Fighers 2
57.872.670 | Peyosan (New Western Record)

Impressive, guys. And the good thing is that these scores are WIP...
I want to back on Galuda in the future, to reach 43/45 mil and finally beat Randorama, who has stolen my 3rd italian place! You are already dead Rando ;)

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