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[ウルトラ] 286, end of the run video

This is a video of the end of my 286 mil run, just as another form of proof. Nothing particularly spectacular this time, but I died really near the end of the 5th stage, good thing to see.
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[ウルトラ] 286,871,807

286,871,807 – AST-LUN-CPF – stage 5 – ULTRA alternate (PS2)
I kind of risked a heart attack on this run. I died like 30/40 seconds before the 5th boss, and that's great. Run RECORDED.
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[ウルトラ] Stage 1- Boss

First boss with one bomb, just "for us lazy-boys" :P
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[ウルトラ] Mini-vid from the 263 mil run

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Ok, it's a video of the end of the 263 mil run, just some kind of proof, with a little bit of hellish dodging and a stupid final death. It took me forever to upload only 18MB, damn digital divide ~___~
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[ウルトラ] 263 Mil - Stage 5

263,826,140 – AST-LUN-CPF – stage 5 – PS2
This run was totally ruined at stage 4, where I've had some crazy stupid deaths. Anyway, I've reached stage 5 with my last life and killed the first form of the mid-boss, only to get totally owned by the second form. The run is recorded, though I don't know if I'm going to mess with encoding and stuff this time.
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[ウルトラ] Video: Stage 4, mid-boss

Here's a no miss no bomb video of the 4th mid-boss in ULTRA mode. It has some nasty attacks, and the first pattern is definitely the one you always want to bomb, if during a run you have a bomb ready. Anyway, the vid is nice for the nm/nb, but the chain counter is weak, of course. Even if you do better (absolutely possible) you're 99% of the times going to bomb the stuff just after the mid-boss, that's why stage 4 is so hellish for scoring, and that's why I'd pay to see some advanced strats for this!
+ Download the VIDEO here (11MB)!
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[ウルトラ] RUN AWAY miniclip!

Wow, the DVD recorder is fully working and I can handle the video stuff exactly as I wanted. I'll let BR1/JCK encode the long stuff (full runs) but it's funny to create some miniclips like the one I've created right now. It's called "Run away from that f***in wrong fromation power-up LUN, you idiot!" and it's a simple cut and paste from an average run during stage 3.
Here's a link, I should be able to provide a better one asap:
+ Download the VIDEO here (8MB)!
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DVD recorder

I've got a Philips 3380 and it is working fine. This means that I can record my runs from now on, GREAT NEWS indeed, I'm very happy!
I've already recorded a crap 221 mil run ended during the 5th mid-boss fight. Anyway, I think I'll release a full run only when I'll be completely proud of it, so I have a lot of work to do. I can try to release short clips in the meanwhile, let's see ;)
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[ウルトラ] I Need videos!

I wonder why it's impossible to find out good ULTRA runs around. It would be great to see some >1 bil videos both for improving my strats and enjoying some lovely stuff. Is anyone aware of something around? The ULTRA WR belongs to DAME K.K, a great player who is quite used to record his runs (at least for appreciate dvds) so I think it's possible that something actually exist.
Also, I'm hating the PS2 limit of playing with only one autofire on A (A+) and one on C (C+). I'll need at least (at least!) 2 A+ for ULTRA. And more stuff for Maniac. I wonder what kind of frequencies is TRGA-RET using on the DVD run, what DAME K.K used for the WR (before that new kind of autofire that he and SWY were using)...
If someone can help on this IN ANY LANGUAGE (even japanese!) it would be much appreciated!
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Chronology of Shooting

- Link!

Another great work by oxtsu, a list of all the arcade shooters sorted by years. A point of reference.
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