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The homepage of AST-LUN, italian STG and Street Fighter player.


Today's work

- >200.000 chain at the head (stage 3)
- 70.000 chain reached during the first trasformation of the scorpion
- >100.000 at the mid-boss of stage 5.
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A little update.

Ok, I'm still on Maniac mode. Here's some random stuff:
- managed to finish stage2 with >30 mil
- now I work with a little with C tapped during mid-bosse battles
- ugh, I don't remember, there was another thing to say...
Anyway, I'm going to Neverland's (43 mil, original mode) house in Milan this weekend for a blast-fuckin-ass-randomwords-shmupsmeet with some other cool guys. We will surely make some videos, not the usual meet-stuff with us at dinner but gameplay videos. Stay tuned!
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London shmupsmeet

Check here for info:
I really want to go there. Let's see how things goes...
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Shmups videos

I'm sharing my collection of shmups videos/superplays. Basically a lot of Cave's stuff. Where? eMule!
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[Mushihimesama Maniac] Stage 3: 96 mil!

96,6 mil in a practice run. Pretty good! But this isn't the news of the day...
Next post guys!
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Nothing new about scores... These days I don't have a great amount of time for Mushi, but at least I'm having a good chat with Kawaijib, a great french player (>400 mil with alternate fire). It's fantastic to talk about strategies of this incredibly deep game... I'm learnig some interesting things, thanks Kawa!
Anyway, I'm in the final part on my work on Maniac Mode... Now I want the ALL with more than 150 mil. I have this in my hands, it can take two days or some months...
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