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Third Strike in Venice: LUN (chun li) vs. (ken) powerfuran

"Just a preview of a future full release from arcade extreme:

Yes, we're way better as shmups players, we know ^__^;; "
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[Third Strike] Morte a Venezia: i video

Ok, I have 6 hot files on my pc right now. I'll need a few days for the upload, and after that we need Jck to process them in some ways, I don't know. Anyway, sooner or later you'll be able to watch the best (lol) of the first season (lol) of our ranbat in Venice. Here's what you are waiting for:

LUN (chun) vs. (ken) Powerfuran
LUN (chun) vs. (ken) Powerfuran
LUN (q) vs. (ken) GUI
GUI (sean) vs. (hugo) Kotaro
Powerfuran (ryu) vs. (gouki) Costa
LUN (chun) vs. (ryu) Powerfuran

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[Third Strike] Milano FTW 02/12/07

Single player tourney (The Kitchen Cup 2007):

1) LUN (Chun Li) - EXG/---
2) EXG (Dudley) - LUN/LUN
3) Powerfuran (Ryu) - EXG/EXG
4) Jck (Ken) - LUN/Powerfuran
5) BR1 (Gouki) - not qualified to the final phase
5) NEV (Elena, Makoto) - not qualified to the final phase
7) Prometheus (Makoto) - not qualified to the final phase
7) Kotaro (Hugo) - not qualified to the final phase


LUN (Chun Li) vs. Powerfuran (Ryu) - 7/3
LUN (Chun Li) vs. Jck (Ken) - 7/3 + 5/5 = 6/4
LUN (Chun Li) vs. BR1 (Gouki) - 6/4 + 7/3 = 6.5/3.5

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Milan Meet 649

Well, actually there were less than 649, but hey. During the last weekend we've had another one as I already said. So what? Big props to Prometheus for travelling from France and for being such a cool guy, to Nev for the usual hospitality, and to EXG for his first meeting. A "BIG BOOBS" to the other guys, BR1, Jck, Powerfurfante, Fontazzone and Skroto-ano.
Ok after this we can finally cut the crap and start talking about something serious: Muchi Muchi Pork!, ehm...

Game of the meet, if you ask me. It wasn't my first time eith the game, but this time I've had a few more credits... Well, something under 10 actually, shame on me. Anyway, I magically started to enjoy the game system, and I find it damn good. The lard attack is something catchy, and when the torrent of 10K starts to flow you immediately love that feeling.
I don't particulary like the music or the general style/look of the game (not bad at all anyway), but I definitely can stand it. Game of the year! What year? Don't ask...
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