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Interview with Xer Xian online - The master of Ikaruga...

Uh, finally the interview is online! Thanks to TheFirstPlace for hosting it, please go here if you want to read it.

Xer Xian is the italian player who owns the western record at Ikaruga...

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Mushihime Sama port confirmed by Famitsu!

Good. But the real news is that there will be two editions, normal and special. Special will include a figurine...

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BR1 and Dodonpachi: an INP full of love

Great BR1, this is the italian DDP record, i think.
On the hosting section (-->) you can find the INP file (you must download WolfMAME Plus 0.92 to see it), 102 ml of love, dodging and death.

Keep on playing BR1!

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ESP Ra.De. art from Click-Stick

Go to Click-Stick and download some great scans taken from GAMEST GRAPHICS Vol. 1... The link is on [april 19]!

Click-Stick is god.

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Mushihime is real!

Thanks Cave. Thanks Taito. Thanks Play Asia. Thanks Mark.

"Hi Mark,

thank you for contacting

We have received the information right from Sony's official distributor
yesterday late evening. We did not want to wait so posted it right up. We
are very sure that the information is correct and expect the game to be
announced by Taito shortly.

In case you have subscribed to our personal agent or checked our July
preorder listings, you may have recognized that we have started listing a
lot of new preorders yesterday night.

For your further information, Mushihimesama already has a Sony catalogue
number (which is SLPM-66056). The game will be a DVD release supporting
1-2 players with a Japanese recommended price tag of Y5,800.

In case of any further question please do not hesitate to contact us

Best regards,"

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Mushihime Sama PS2 port

Uh uh, Play Asia is god:
Go and preorder!

Is it true? Fuck, I want to believe (Mulder is with me).

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19XX guide by Randorama / AIVA

Another great news from AIVA: the secrets and guides section has been updated with a Randorama (and a little of Gemant) 19XX guide. Uh, and don't forget the omake superplay!

Here is the guide, in italian only.

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Now Playing / Now Reading

Resident Evil 4
Fear and tension all the time, my favourite RE, for the moment.

White Line Fever
The autobiography of Lemmy (Motorhead)... I've said all. Bad writer with a great life to tell = fantastic book. In Italy the title is "La Sottile Linea Bianca".

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Week End in Neverland...

Great shmupsmeet last week end with Neverland, BR1 and Raiden Fighters 2.
We've played the Caves on the original Neverland's Pcbs. Wow.
Neverland is the god of Progear. BR1 the god of Dodonpachi. RF2 the god of...Everything he play! And i've 1CCed Galuda again. Wow.

Here is a little sample of the meet...

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ESP Ra.De. Western Record Replay!

As you can see on the right of this page I'm proudly hosting the replay of this fantastic record!

The player is the italian Raiden Fighters 2 (also known as DGN), a great recordman which also holds the Galuda western record...All you need to see this replay is the ESP Ra.De. rom, the correct MAME and the inp are included in the .rar!

Enjoy his genius...

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Esp Galuda 1CC

I cannot believe it...

Bad score, because of the one life remained.
But i'm working on it, and maybe one day...

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II Concorso nazionale di poesia Giuseppe Longhi al via...

Home del concorso.

Ritorno graditissimo, un concorso di poesia di ottimo livello e che non infastidisce all'iscrizione. Non chiede infatti denari al povero poeta e soprattutto la poesia può essere inviata tramite comoda, sicura e veloce mail.

In questa edizione il tema è la città, non proprio il mio campo, mentre lo scorso anno ben figurai con una poesia campagnola, finendo nell'antologia del concorso.

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Scores update!