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The homepage of AST-LUN, italian STG and Street Fighter player.


[ウルトラ] Everything's ready

The work on the "best of (kind of)" vid is over. I finally succeeded in my last recording, and tomorrow I'll give the stuff to Jck for some hardcore encoding. It's absolutely not perfect but it's quite cool though. There will be a song on the background, something from Arcturus. I'll keep you posted...
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AEX @ Youtube

- here we are
Totally WIP as you can see. Combo/match-vids and full runs are coming...
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[ウルトラ] Collection of mini-vids

I'm working on a small "best of (not really) video" with some cool moments at ULTRA mode, with something old and something totally new. I'm working in particular on an hard thing at the moment, hope to work it out soon. Furthermore there will be a little omake from another player at Original mode. Something extremely useless but damn cool. Stay tuned...
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Arcade Extreme 2.0

It's been a while, I know. Anyway, this news is worth a post. The new AEX official site is up and running, thanks mostly to the amazing work of the usual Jck! You all enjoy it right now, this is an order. And if you're italian read the last post, it's quite interesting...
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