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Third Strike Veneto 24/02/08

Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike freeplay as usual:
+ Mitsu (yang) vs. (chun-li) LUN
+ Mitsu (ibuki) vs. (chun-li) LUN

And here's the result of an epic battle, first to 15 (or first to 2 more wins than the other in case of 14-14, which actually happened) :
Mitsu (ibuki) [16] - [14] (chun-li) LUN

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虫姫さまふたりBL - God Mode

I've just seen this run:
+ Futari God Mode ALL torrent
Oh my, God Mode is actually a great game!

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Third Strike Veneto 08/02/08

How to read 08/02/08 in italian: 02 is the month. LOL.

That said, here we have a couple of Third Strike matches between Mitsu (Oro) and LUN (Chun-Li). Happy new chinese year, Chun:
- Freeplay 1/5
- Freeplay 2/5
- Freeplay 3/5
- Freeplay 4/5
- Freeplay 5/5

YouTube links, no download. Enjoy!
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Twin Cobra 2, ALL No miss No Bomb

Played one week during the Memorial ASW:

AST-LUN - 11.128.410 - ALL (NM/NB) - Player 1

Easy game, but it was quite a lot of fun to work out the safe strats you need to actually nm/nb it. Replay coming soon!
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