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The homepage of AST-LUN, italian STG and Street Fighter player.


[Cave event] Wasshoi, March 16th 2008

This video is taken from Arcadia nr.100 DVD, and it's a summary of the special event held on March 2008 in Tokyo:

Clover-TAC, SWY, Dame-K.K, NAL etc. inside!

Coming soon: DDP new western record by Prometheus...


[3rd Strike] εˆƒδΈ‡εš footage


Footage from Tougeki Tamashii nr. [?]:

"Request Battle by Expert" and 3on3 final inside (~300MB).



Tokido [CH]
Keeper [KE]


Deshiken [KE]
Suzu [CH]
Tetsugoshi [Q]

Request battle by expert (I guess)

Hirai (KE) vs. DeshikenKFG (KE)
Rikimaru (CH) vs. Nuki (CH)
DeshikenKFG (KE) vs. Momochi (YU)


[3rd Strike] Italian video references on YouTube

Arcade-Extreme's Channel
Ranbats, tourneys... This is kind of a general reference, somewhat "official". Plus you get the chance to see other great arcade stuff from other genres.

Veneto's Channel

Veneto is the zone where I live, and that is my channel. We'll try to upload more videos up as soon as possible: since we're constantly improving the other ones look hella old.

Firenze's Channel
Title says it all. It's Fugo's channel.

Milano's Channel
Title says it all as well (Rushing Monkey's channel). Probably the zone with the largest number of players in, but like anyone else they don't record games so often.

Roma's Channel

At the moment there's nothing going on (they simply don't record stuff).



I don't read japanese but this seems to be a new application for Chun Li's SGGK. Or perhaps just a new name for something old or banal... Let's wait and see, any help with the translation is much appreciated: [LINK]


Kuroda DVD set

Thanks Kotaro! I'll bring this hot stuff to the next ranbat in Milan, planned on September the 27th at the Kaelesta Game Space as usual. See details here.