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[マニアック] Western record by maco-CMA

+ 830 mil run by maco-CMA (Maniac mode)

This run is amazing. I definitely love maco's style, ultra risky but damn rewarding. This is by far the western record, enjoy it (yeah today I don't have a lot of words to say, yum, but hey, just watch the video, that's enough).
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[ウルトラ] Stage 3 update

I'm not playing so much these days but I still keep my hands ready. Today I've got 217 mil in stage 3 ONLY, which is indeed a good performance (better than TGA-RET on the DVD if i remember correctly). It's still possible to do better, but it's one of the most difficult things I can imagine in a videogame, lol. No vid, unfortunately. Next time I'd like to do something similar in a run, but I won't blame myself if I fail for the next 5000 years...
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[オリジナル] 14 What?

Well, considering what I've lost during the run (no miss bonus on stage 3+5 = 800K points, plus gems points from stage 3 and 5 for at least a million, total lost points = 1,800,000) I could have overcome Nev's score in this run with a no-miss. The thing is... I'm not going to no-miss the game, lol. It's a hard work and I don't want to do it at the moment.
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London Meet IV... DONE!

Ohhh well, the meet was absolutely great. The best shmups related thing in Europe (and probably in the west) by far. The playing environment was something incredible, the Casino Arcade is probably the best place in the west to put your pcb in and practice every day with a lot of other good players. Anyway, here's a little list of the guys there for the meet. I'm quite sure someone's missing, so please tell my if you find any mistake:

+ Herr Shatten (Germany)
+ Fontaz (Italy)
+ LUN (Ita)
+ Kati-sama (Ita)
+ Neverland (Ita)
+ BR1 (Ita)
+ Krgfn (France)
+ Plasmo (Ger)
+ Dc. Ian (UK)
+ Rjpageuk (UK)
+ CVM (UK)
+ Luc (UK)
+ DEL (London)
+ Mills (Lon)
+ Masamune (Lon)
+ Icarus (UK)
+ Smraedis (UK)
+ Mulletgeezer (UK)
+ Elbarto (London)
+ Moving Target (UK)
+ Kaede (UK)
+ Craig (Lon)
+ ARC (Lon)
+ fuse (UK)
+ Gordon the drunk (Lon)
+ JEF (Lon)

For some comments about the meeting and A LOT of various pics please go here:
+ Official Thread on

I had two decent ULTRA runs (default fire, of course) during the meet, and a lot of crap. But that's ok, I'm quite happy of what I was able to show (a run ended during stage 5, for example, another one was ok scorewise, nothing near my 200 mil record though). Have a lot of people behind you while you play is exciting. It can be tricky, but it's definitely great. In the end the only thing I have to say is that I'd like to visit this city and its playing environment again as soon as possible! Thank you all guys (in particular to our usual DEL), see ya soon!
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