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Batsugun Special again

Wasting my time again on Batsu special. It's relaxing at night. Anyway, this is a new personal record, but it's still crap. There are only two ways to play this game: perform the 4th stage's trick and play the game as it was supposed to be played (too hellish for me at the moment, with ULTRA always watching me) or try to 4-ALL it without caring about the score (unlikely to happen). I'm doing half and half, and it just doesn't make any sense. I'm having a bit of fun though, so... So what? Dunno.
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[ウルトラ] 247

247 mil just a moment ago, 5 seconds alive more would have meant a score higher than 250. Ok, now I know that that run is waiting for the DVD recorder...
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Lol, it's third loop time...

Just toying with this game. No new record for a hair (haven't triggered the main stage 5 trick on the second loop), but who cares, and no .inp because... Well, it was my first run in a LONG time. I still don't want to learn that tricky stage 4 trick, too lazy to do it if I'm not totally focused on the game (and I'm absolutely not, at the moment). Therefore the only thing worth attention in this run is that I've finally reached the third loop. LOL, nothing important, really. But damn, it's fascinating ^_-
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[ウルトラ] Stage 5, Mid-Boss

Last one of the old pics I've never posted.
This is really hard to obtain in a run (and as usual DON'T look at the score) ~_~
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[ウルトラ] Stage 3, the head

Not bad at all, but still not perfect. I need to charge the laser counters of the head way better...
Edit: hell-LOL, don't look at the score, pure crap!
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[ウルトラ] 249

Ok, that's it. My best score at the moment, but I can improve it in any moment, so I won't bother posting around before I get past the 250 mil wall. Anyway, I need to get (finally) paid and buy a damn DVD recorder to be able to produce some videos!
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Intervista a ISO (tradotta da Kotaro)

Italian only, sorry (anyway, IIRC this was translated by twe on the forum).
Posto qui per evitare che si perda nella marea:
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London Shmups Meet IV

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This is going to be a great meeting, with a lot of superb european players! Hopefully there will be some guy from the namakoteam (DEL, Icarus, elbarto, mulletgeezer, smraedis), me (and I hope some guys from my team, come on!), Plasmo (Cowboy-NOA!), Sven666, from Sweden, ill6, jpj, Herr shatten (finger crossed), Mills (the strikers man)... This is going to take place on London (Casino and Trocadero arcade centers) between February and March, in 2007. Join us ^_-
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Namakoteam's HQ!

Here's the link to the HQ of the winner team at the STGT06 competition on They totally deserved the victory!
And here, in the Player Records Zone, there's a summary of my stuff.
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