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[ウルトラ] Alternate fire: new disappointing record!

AST-LUN | 315,098,524 | STAGE 5 | W-Power | Alternate fire | PS2 | Western record

Slightly improved my previous score, but this one has quite a story behind. I've ended the third stage with 250 mil and a devastating NO MISS (one bomb for the boss, desperation did the rest). Geez, TGA-RET ends the stage with 270, if I recall correctly. It has to be said that he plays with a different A+ though, but anyway, that's great. After this miracle I totally screwed up the run (please note that a similar run now was kinda unexpected) dying something like twice in stage 4 (stupid deaths, of course) and twice at the beginning of stage 5, fucking up a HUGE scoring opportunity. The run ended a bit before a decent fifth mid boss, but meh. I can't be happy about this. I definitely need more cold blood, damn!
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