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Stage 5 is the fuckin' hell

AIVA-LUN | 74,904,407 | Stage 5 | Tiger Schwert
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Time to start with the videos...

AIVA-LUN | 62,036,301 | Stage 4 | Type-A
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It's Ketsui time!

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AIVA-LUN | 55,635,773 | 1-4 | Type-A
Ok, now with my supergun all goes right exept for the stitty stick. Stay tuned...
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Batsugun normal: ALL

Now Beltiana is happy:
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AIVA-LUN | 4,191,340 | ALL | Beltiana | NV
Sorry for the typo in the name, ehm...
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On the good way...

AIVA-LUN | 18,572,460 | Stage 9 | Beltiana | SV

Well, seems quite good for me. My goals are now reach the third loop and 20 million. I hate the stupid stage 4 trick, so I've never and I'm not going to use it...

Oh, next week I'll receive my supergun for Ketsui!
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Edit: Nevermind that funking pic, see next post!
AIVA-LUN | 13,137,440 | Stage 8 | Beltiana | SV
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Again on Batsugun SV

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AIVA-LUN | 9,185,350 | Stage 8 | Beltiana | SV
Ok, a little bit of bombing in the stage 5. Do it during the boss of the stage 4 is still... Ehm, hard. I want to relax myself waiting for Ketsui with this lovely game, so I don't care...
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About Ketsui...

Ok, I own the board. But the cab solution is not the optimal one for some reasons that you probably never know... Well, therefore I'm waiting for a supergun, and then for a personal stick PS2/supergun compatible. How time the entire process can take? No one knows. Stay tuned, and enjoy Batsugun, in the meanwhile.
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One moment of relax... Batsugun!

Oh well, what a great game. Played a little time today with MAME, but I'm waiting the Saturn version. I'll work on the trick of the fourth stage, one day (not used this time)...
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First score...

Slowly but strongly WIP.
Sorry, ugly pic:
AIVA-LUN | 38,892,068 | Stage 3 | Tiger Schwert
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As already said, Ketsui is in my hands. My setup is not optimal, but it will improve (old italian cab with an indecent stick and some monitor troubles)...
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