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MELT BANANA @ Unwound (Padova) - 27.05.08

I was amazed when I discovered that Melt Banana were going to play in Padova, an hour and a half far from my place. So I had no excuse not to go, and I did...

The show was absolutely great. I was in the first line all the time, one mt. far from Onuki-sama, and I had to fight a lot for this place. They played of course a lot of stuff from Bambi's Dilemma (if not the entire album, sorry, I've lost track of all the songs they played!) and Cell-Shape, unfortunately skipping Shield for your eyes, damn I badly wanted them to start the show with that one... Doesn't matter, everything was fine enough, and it's priceless to see Agata-san performing that stuff in front of you!

What about the guys? Rika-sama and Agata-san both seem so serious on the stage that when you talk to them it's kind of a surprise to see that they're actually very kind and smile-ready. Rika is absolutely cute too, as expected...
Onuki-sama instead seems crazy all the time. Really, she's got crazy eyes. I did't get her sign 'cause she disappeared pretty quickly in the backstage but... See you next time!

Oh, funny note: Yasuko talked in "italian" a lot, and at the end of the how they decided to listen to the crowd and play Tintarella di luna. Unluckily they clearly didn't remember how to play it, and the thing ended up with random noise and the singer lovely screaming the words. You could say, a fantastic failure! The (new?) drummer was particularly stunned from the situation, lol.

Serious note: if you have footage/pic of the show please mail me. Thanks!


AEX Ranbat #1.2 - 3rd Strike (+ HnK, 2X & Ikaruga)

This saturday (may 24th) there will be the second 3rd strike italian ranbat in Milan. For more info please keep an eye on the official topic on our forum!

The main event is of course the 1on1 SF3: 3rd Strike tourney, but there will be space for Hokuto no Ken and Super Street Fighter II X as well (1on1 as usual). Some shmupping is guaranteed, and this time it's all about Ikaruga: powerfuran (western record holder on easy mode) and probably Fontaz (very good normal mode player) will be there for your pleasure!


Mushihimesama - how to get the restart bug

Regarding this video, Max S. asked me how to trigger the bug. It's quite simple to obtain it, but it seems like you just have to be lucky. It works in every mode and in every moment of the game with no particular setting.
If you restart the level sometimes one or some of the enemies on the screen remain in memory so they reappear at the beginning of the level too. This is particularly evident with bosses and mid-bosses, but it's also true for smaller enemies.

So, to put it short, just restart your game when facing the enemy you want to reappear and cross yor fingers. In my experience it happened a lot with the scorpion (well, it has to be said that I practiced it hundreds of times) and it's kinda funny but... Well, if you want to have serious practice it screws things a lot, forcing you to re-restart again.

Anyway, have fun!


3rd Strike - AEX Ranbat #1.1 results and videos

Held in Milan, April the 26th:

1) Sherlock (Yun) - 25 pts.
2) Rushing Monkey (Gouki) - 20 pts.
3) Fran (Ken) - 16 pts.
4) Mitsu (Oro) - 13 pts.
5) LUN (Chun Li) 11 pts.
6) Edo (Ken) - 10 pts.
7) Coden (Dudley) - 9 pts.
7) Jck (Urien) - 9 pts.
9) El Roby (Ken) - 7 pts.
9) Lux (Hugo) - 7 pts.
9) Sasha (Chun Li) - 7 pts.
9) Valmaniac (Ken) - 7 pts.
13) EXG (Dudley) - 3 pts.
13) Forgo (Ryu) - 3 pts.
13) Togo (Q) - 3 pts.
13) UnNamed (Ken) - 3 pts.
nq) Acoz (Yun) - 1 pt.
nq) Canoro (Q) - 1 pt.
nq) 1c0n 0f s1n (Ryu) - 1 pt.
nq) Neverland (Dudley) - 1 pt.
- LINK (full results and videos on Arcade-Extreme)

Ranbat #1.2 will be on May, saturday the 24th, at Kaelesta Game Space in Milan. Our tourneys are open, so feel free to join anytime you want!


Danmakugata is gone

Thanks for your work, it was much appreciated.