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[3rd Strike] SGGK: Oro / Makoto / Q / Twelve

I've covered basically the characters I'm into, nothing more. The Chun Li SGGK is well known, so I didn't consider recording it. Anyway:
- Oro 2
- Makoto
- Q
- Twelve

Bonus: a very good option select for Makoto


[3rd Strike] SGGK: Yun/Yang & Oro

Please read the descriptions to get all the info you need:




Kuroda DVD for sale: Elena, Remy, Yun

I decided to sell these DVDs because I'm not interested in them just like the guys at the Ranbat #1.4 in Milan, where I shared* the full set with the italian community. So...

- YUN on eBay
- REMY on eBay
- ELENA on eBay

* just to clarify: I bought the entire set in advance, kept Q and 12 for me and sold the other DVDs to the interested players during the tourney.