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Good Bye ASW.


Arcturus - Sideshow Symphonies

No words.

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[Mushihimesama] Stage 2 improvement

I've managed to get 50.000 hits at the end of stage 2. But there's something strange in the stage 2 mid-boss... I'm not able to reach ~40.000 everytime, so I must work better on it.

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[Mushihimesama] Maniac - 155,565,277 - Stage 5

I'm still not able to reach the 1CC. But it's only about time...
Anyway, this run was pretty good. I've been able to continue the stage 4 and 5 mid boss chain.

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[Mushihimesama] Maniac - 105,033,958 - Stage 5

Crappy run with my best Stage 3 ever: ~80 mil. The rest is pure shit. Dead at the stage 2 mid-boss, dead 4 times at the stage 4 and finally destroyed after two steps in the stage 5. But hey, it's more than 100 mil so I'm really happy!

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[Mushihimesama] Maniac - Stage 1

5,2 mil.
Good enough.

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Maniac improvements...

Just a couple of practice runs today. Reached 4 mil in stage 1 (ok, it's not so great but I hate Stage 1) and ~60 in stage 3...
So I have a 100 mil run in my hands, very good.

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New beginning...

So now this is mostly my homepage.
I will update/discuss scores from the east and from the west, with a special eye on the italian shmups situation (AST is coming guys!)...

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