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[ウルトラ] 304 mil run: the video is HERE!

Finally the video for the alternate western record is ready:
ULTRA (alternate fire) - AST-LUN | 304,859,532 | STAGE 5 | W-Power
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[ウルトラ] Default: new western record

Uhm, I was having some default practice for the London meet...

ULTRA default
200,424,141 - AST-LUN-CPF - stage 5 - PS2

Here's the end of the run:

Yes, I was DAMN NEAR. After the fifth mid-boss I realized that I had 3 lifes in stock, and from that moment on I've wasted way more than necessary. Woha, no problem.
The only problem is that I've recorded the run but I cannot extract properly a file (a VOB IIRC) from the dvd. So I have the entire run on two files, but one is incomplete. Some bits of stage 5 are gone, including the midboss but luckily not the beginning/ending.
Anyway, I'll give the dvd to BR1 and hope for a miracle!
The worst case scenario is an incomplete video, but you'll be able to watch the 97% of the run anyway.

My god, on the dvd there is a fuckin' FURROW 0_oShocked

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[ウルトラ] About my video...

Well, my 304 mil vid is ready. I think we're gonna release it, yes, quite sure. There was something hidden about it, something related to other italian mushi-runs but... But now I feel it's time to just release it. We'll think in the future about anything else!
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London Meet IV (February, 23-25)

Ok, it's been a while since the last update, but I'm quite busy this month with university/work and so on (info on my video later, or tomorrow, or something). Anyway, it's time to remember that we're going to London for this great shmups meet, the bigger in Europe! Sorry for the quick post, I'll just post a link to the thread on for any further info (like a list of the confirmed players, some of the best western players):
Feel free to pop up there in any moment from every part of the world!
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