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[ウルトラ] Mid-boss 5, 210K

Just got a 210.000 cunter at the 5th mid-boss. Very good, I wasn't trying to reach that, but I kinda got the right groove, or something. Unluckily I wasn't recording, but I think I can do it again. Anyway, it's been already and better covered by toby, so no prob at all.
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[futari] ULTRA?

Just watched this:

Well, i'm quite happy because this ULTRA is hard (harder than the original one, of course) but it looks doable all the time, except some bits obviously. I mean, it's based on "know-what-you'r-doing" rather than "extremely-risky-dodging-all-the-time", and this is damn good because find you way through that hell should be really funny and challenging but fair and enjoyable at the same time.
I'm quite interested in this mode (only this one from futari, actually), even because the scoring system is the (good) one of original mode. But LOL, I wouldn't like a TLB!
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[マニアック] Maco's stuff

Hey this is really a "Mushihimesama in the west" blog now, lol. Anyway, here you can find some excellent single stages by maco-CMA, maniac mode (alternate fire). Kind of gamebreaking (if this is the correct word for something like that) work for the west:
+ LINK (youtube!)
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[マニアック] Kotaro in action

Here are some videos from AST-KOT-WHY, another great Mushihimesama player who is playing Maniac to the death. The footage shows some good stuff from mid boss 2 and 4, have fun!
+ LINK (60MB, don't worry about the .exe)
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[ウルトラ] 304,859,532

304,859,532 - AST-LUN-CPF - stage 5 - PS2
+ end of the run VIDEO

Either a great and a bad run. A lot of mistakes as usual, but managed to no miss/no bomb the 4th stage from the beginning to the boss! The fifth mid-boss went down with a counter around 100K, but I bombed a small time after getting it.
BR1 will take care of a video of the entire run, so stay tuned!

Hey, let's add that this humble score is dedicated to the japanese visitors of the latest days SIN and TGA-RET!
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[ウルトラ] Mid-Boss 5, 150K

160/150K with a suicide. That's more or less the best I can do with this mid-boss. I'm really looking forward to see something around 200K by toby!
+ DOWNLOAD the video (15MB)
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AST-KOT and Futari

Here's what Kotaro got after 3 days of Futari Original 1.0 at Nev's House. 80 mil and almost an all, good work! Here's a little video of the end of the run:
+ DOWNLOAD! (link fixed)
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New Year's goals

Well, at the moment I just want to play Mushihimesama more and more. I just want to keep the good work up with ULTRA, an Original no-miss would be cool, and sooner or later I must get back to Maniac mode. That's all :P
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