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Well, I want to make a summary of the situation. About Ketsui, I mean. First of all, I must underline that this awesome game is now officially a trend. Everyone is playing or planning to buy it. EVERYONE. Even guys that the day before were thinking about everything but Ketsui. This is sick, I hate this kind of shit. But anyway, it's not that great problem. I have my goal, reach TSUUJOU loop. Last week I was so near, damn. Now I'm playing without bombs, which is damn hard. I can no miss/no bomb until stage 4, starting it with ~80 mil, which is good but not enough if I waste 2 lifes at 4th boss... But ok, now it's only a question of time. The bad thing is that in the second loop at my level you cannot score as well as the first, for many reasons. Will I play again after I got TSUUJOU? Honestly I don't know. The fact is that I have thirst for Maniac mode again. Huge thirst, after the DVD and after Kotaro's (italian player) score, 227 mil. Uhm. I want 500, at least, ahah! Let's see what happens, for the moment brain suggest to keep playing Ketsui at least until London Meet III.
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1-ALL Ketsui

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AST-LUN - 139,485,576 - 1-ALL - Tiger Schwert
This is the first step. From now on I'll play without bombs to get TSUUJOU loop...
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